Monday, February 20, 2006


With the birth of my third child this past September, I’ve been watching anew the different phases of showing affection that infants go through. All of them are exciting, but I’m longing to hear the precious words “I love you”. However, from now until then, I will wait patiently and enjoy the many adorable steps along the way. Juliana is already acknowledging me and blessing my day with her sweet smiles. She also cries when I leave the room and stops with a giggle when I return. Last but not least is the delightful experience of having her seek me out and snuggle deep in my arms anytime a man with a beard wants to hold her. Those are all ways in which she recognizes me as Mom.

Soon she will be reaching for me from the floor or crib with hope in her eyes that I pick her up and embrace her forever. Shortly to follow are open-mouthed kisses and drool down the side of my cheek. Then finally will come the moment when she responds with affection in her heart and adoration in her voice; a self-initiated “I love you”. My first experience left me as a puddle on the floor when my oldest daughter Gabriela grabbed my face with both of her little hands, looked me deep in the eyes, and whispered those three precious words as if she had longed to say them since birth. It was something I’ll never forget. In fact, it made all the hard work of labor and delivery, late night fussiness and early morning feedings, blowout diapers and doctor visits, all worth it. The glorious progression had begun with acknowledgment; grew through seeking and embracing, and culminated in adoration right before my very eyes!!!

The process of embracing the Lord Jesus Christ by faith is really no different. It starts with the acknowledgment of God. It continues as we seek to understand who Jesus is and why He came to die on a cold wooden cross, only to rise again from the dead. It grows when we begin to embrace Christ as Lord and Savior, and culminates when our adoration is fixed solely on Him. In a spiritual way, we are very similar to our infants. Each one of us is at a different place and developing at a different rate. Some of us have yet to start, while others have been saying “I love you” for years. Wherever you are, allow me to encourage you to participate in the Investigative Bible Studies that are taking place in March. It’s a great opportunity to find out where you are and move forward in the process. For God’s desire is to see you acknowledge Him, grow through seeking and embracing, and ultimately respond to His Son the Lord Jesus Christ with affection in your heart and adoration in your voice as you utter those same three words to Him, “I love you”.


At 11:09 AM, Blogger Russ said...

Great post! I love the perspective. Everything in creation reflects the Creator! If only I could be more like your baby...

At 3:57 PM, Blogger G. F. McDowell said...

Hey! What's this anti-hirsute bias??

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Julia said...

So true. It is eay to forget that we are helpless without Christ esp. when we start thinking we have a "REAL" understanding of the mysteries of the gospel. He is ever sovereign over all and needs not us to glorify Him, but allows us to do so as a priviledge. Thanks for your reminder.
PS Cute baby :)

At 10:19 PM, Anonymous MM said...

That's awesome, Linda. What a great way to connect a tender aspect of motherhood with the gospel. It is a beautiful article... about a beautiful baby girl, and a beautiful Savior!
Love you lots.


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