Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Little Lessons...

God was so kind to teach Gabi & Sam a great lesson today. They went to their cousins house for lunch. When, I came over to pick them up, I brought a book for my niece as a gift. Well, this made Gabi & Sam very jealous and whiny about not getting a gift. What a moment. Their heart was totally exposed. I sat them down on the spot and reminded them what the bible says:

"It is better to give than to recieve." Acts 20:35

And wouldn’t you know when we got back home we found a gift on our front porch. The kids were so excited. We then talked about how excited Madeline must have felt to receive the book today. We talked about how we don't need to covet things because the Lord supplies all we need and even beyond. I told them that God was so kind to teach you this lesson about giving... and coveting.

Our prayer for these little ones, is that they would get a new heart by faith in Christ. That they would come to love the commands of the Lord and obey them. That they would live their life... loving people more that things, just as Jesus did.